Trust Servonix Support

When your systems aren’t functioning fully, neither is your business. But when you implement one of our all-inclusive services, Servonix becomes your full-time IT department - and you stay up and running. ServoniCare IT services are designed for small- and medium-sized businesses. They’re the perfect complement to companies with a small, part-time, or no IT staff.

Companies that benefit from ServoniCare typically have 8 or more workstations and a server.

No dedicated IT department?

It’s common for small businesses to have someone on staff who doubles as the "computer guy": someone who squeezes in looking after the systems between his full-time work. He’s forced to deal with issues as they arise, but doesn’t always have the right resources or training. ServoniCare puts your networks and computers in the hands of a trained team - all day, every day. Now ALL your staff can get back to work.

Small or part-time IT department?

A part-time IT manager can provide helpful desktop support - until there’s a crash when she’s not around. A small IT department can monitor your systems - but can’t always fix the bigger issues. ServoniCare takes care of the everyday monitoring and the complex repairs. And with rapidly changing technology, our team approach means specialized knowledge for whatever issues may arise.

Been paying for quick fixes and hourly services?

Like many businesses, you may rely on hourly IT firms occasionally, calling them in when problems crop up. But too many small service firms have limited availability, and can’t respond quickly. Providers that offer fast service often charge high fees that are out of reach for a typical small business. Then, once the work is done, you’re on your own again. Who will check to make sure the problem is really solved? How will you monitor your system to make sure future issues won’t arise? How will you know that you weren’t overbilled or sold unnecessary technology? ServoniCare lets us look at the whole picture. We can fix current problems, and spot potential ones - no more quick fixes, and no more hourly rates. All work is done by highly trained and insured technicians. And everything is guaranteed.

Outgrowing your current solution?

If you’re running a business, you’re growing a business. You may have been adding equipment piece by piece, on a patchwork basis, and now need an all-over solution. Or, you may have come to the point where your current IT provider - in-house or outsorced - simply can’t cover all the bases. It’s time to progress right into a ServoniCare IT service. Pair up the all-inclusive service with a network upgrade, and don’t miss a step.

Worried about a major technology disaster?

Even if your company hasn’t suffered a disaster, it could. In our experience, six out of 10 businesses will suffer a major technology disaster. Repairs and restoration alone can cost between $9,000 and $60,000, on average. Even without a major emergency, any amount of unplanned downtime can affect productivity, income and client good-will. The number one reason behind these failures is a lack of monitoring and maintenance. If you’ve already been through a disaster, or if you haven’t, prevent the next one. Make sure your systems stay healthy, with ServoniCare IT.

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